When designing this cushion cover for Greener Wool MadFabCrafts was inspired by their love of traditional ethnic designs with their simple, repetitive, geometric lines and motifs. The yarn’s natural colour palette brings a minimalist, modern result. This cushion cover works equally well in a Scandinavian, minimalist decor, or in a boho interior, not to mention rustic or modern. The natural fibre and colours of Mergelland wool combine perfectly with its texture to give authenticity to the ethnic inspiration.

Herru requires 11 skeins of Greener Wool Mergelland, 3 skeins of the lighter colour and 8 skeins of the darker one. The front side will use up 6 skeins, that is 3 of each colour and the back side the remaining 5 skeins of the darker colour.

Herru is a female name from north Africa.

Design by MadFabCrafts.

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